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Property Management Services

Automatic Rent Collection

Rent is collected automatically via ACH, Credit Card or e-Check. Absolutely free to the owner. 

Financial Accounting

Rent collection, paying bills, complete financial accounting tracked through monthly packages easily accessible from the owners portal. 

NYS Filings

We handle all required NYS filings and registrations including Property Registration, DHCR Rent Registration (stabilized and controlled), Major Capital Improvements (MCIs), Boiler Registrations, etc. 


ECB Violation? HPD Violation? We take are of them by correcting and rectifying the issue with the city. 



Owners can easily access all building information in one centralized, organized location -- their personal owners portal.


Rent Controlled? Stabilized? Free Market? We take care of it all. Applicants are fully screened, income requirements met and the correct leases prepared before approval.

24/7 Emergency Service

Whether there's a leak, outage or any emergency, someone will be available for help.



Our full service Real Estate Group (True Real Estate Group) markets, lists and screens all applicants, thus removing the headache of finding qualified tenants. 


Leaky sink? Clogged drain? Light fixture out? Residents can easily submit repair requests through their tenant portal which gets sent out to vendors for a speedy repair. Tenants can also track the status of a repair directly through their tenant portal.

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