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6 Valuable Tips in Protecting Your Tenants from COVID-19 - What to Know

The outbreak of COVID-19 has posed a major challenge for all individuals and businesses worldwide. The real estate market, for one, is also significantly impacted. If you own rental properties, there are a few things you are a bit wary of. For the most part, however, the safety and protection of your tenants against the virus should be your primary concern. As much as possible, you should set up a robust action plan and preventative measures during this period.

If you have hired a property manager to oversee your property, you will need to sit down and discuss plans with them to address the current situation. For your guide, here are six valuable tips on what you and your property manager can do to protect the tenants:

1. Close common amenity space

If you own a building or a complex, inform your property manager to close all the amenity spaces and public areas, including the pool, gym, conference room, and other common areas. Have your guards patrol around to ensure that no tenants are getting access to these areas.

2. Disinfect the common areas

Apart from the places mentioned previously, you also have to make sure that the common areas are disinfected. Have your property manager contact a cleaning service to clean the areas. If you have a cleaning crew, have them perform the needful and ensure that they follow proper disinfection procedures so that your premise is clean at all times.

3. Clean and maintain the HVAC systems

The Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems shouldn’t be neglected because they can contain the virus and spread it to your tenants. Make sure to practice the cleaning and maintenance protocols of your HVAC systems, and let your tenants take the initiative to clean their individual areas as well.

4. Reduce walk-ins and maintain social distancing

At this juncture, your property manager should advise your tenants to avoid walk-ins as much as possible. If they really need to go out, then they should practice social distancing for the safety of all. For instance, if your tenants need to make a payment, have them pay online instead. If they need to send a request, ask them to send an email or chat with you.

5. Keep your tenants informed

It’s imperative for your property manager to keep your tenants updated about the current situation. If there are guidelines and protocols set in place by the government, make sure that everyone knows, understands, and acknowledges them. Your manager can send information online or via mass text messages.

6. Create an action plan for emergencies

Know that the National Apartment Association has provided guidance for property managers, should a tenant shows symptoms. Make sure that your manager is well-acquainted with this guideline and set an action plan to prepare for any possibilities.


It is during these trying times that you will realize the importance of hiring a property manager to maintain your properties and deal with your tenants. Make sure to follow the crucial steps outlined above so that you can keep them safe from the virus and give them a sound sleep at least during this difficult time!

We’re a property management company in New York City, offering innovative real estate solutions to property owners and investors. If you need a property manager during this trying time of COVID-19 outbreak, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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