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Choosing The Right Property Manager: A Quick Guide

Looking for a property manager in New York City can result in an enormous effort in screening numerous services and companies. Most property managers have the same background and offerings, so why bother with a hefty selection process? As a real estate owner, time is money, so spending ludicrous amounts of time looking through services should be worthwhile.

Why Choose the Right Property Manager

The quick answer is yes, it is highly important to select the right property manager to handle your real estate. Whether it’s for a residential, mixed-use, or commercial property, your manager-to-be will be handling your assets. No matter how small the size of your building, having a property in your name is a big deal.

The whole point in taking on a manager is to reduce your daily tasks. More than simply overseeing your property, a manager will have to work on the day-to-day problems and decisions that work in your property—most of the time without you having known it happened in the first place. This is why building on that trust can only happen if you choose the right property manager for you.

Some Guidelines in Choosing the Right Property Manager

The Cost

Choosing the right property manager doesn’t solely rely on the price of their services—but this is a definite must-consider point. When having a rental apartment handled, for example, the profit must be more than the cost of hiring a manager, else, you’re just wasting money.

The Distance and Duties

The distance of your property manager from your property is a major consideration in choosing the right service to contract. While they should check on your property on a regular basis, the time it takes to get to your property to check-in on and resolve a particular reported problem matters a lot to your tenant.

The same would apply to the number of other clients your chosen manager has. Multiple properties from other clients would mean less time managing yours, so knowing that they aren’t taking on more than they can handle is an important consideration.

The Previous Clients and Experience

Knowing a bit about your property manager’s work and client history can see if they are experienced enough to handle your property. Having a bit of background on handling properties similar to yours will grant them the knowledge necessary to handle your property effectively and efficiently.

Other Important Points

Once you’ve chosen the right property management service to handle your assets, make sure to lay down some guidelines to ensure the best working relationship between you two. By having appropriate guidelines, you assure that your property is handled the way that best suits you.

Ensure to set a proper communication method for you and your manager. Whether it’s via cellphone call, an e-mail, or an instant message, laying down the preferred methods of contact will go a long way to ensure that you’re both in the loop. On that same note, it’s best to lay-out what time and when it’s best to give you a regular update—this way, you know that your manager is doing their job fully.


No matter what property you own, taking on a reliable and trustworthy property managing service requires some thought and effort. Although all services may seem the same from the onset, doing a bit more research and probing will lead you to find the perfect manager for your assets.

To have the best results, however, relying on a tried and proven property management service is always the best choice. We are one of the best Property Management and Real Estate Brokerage Services in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens. Get in touch with us and hire an award-winning service to assist you today!

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