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Our Guide to Writing the Perfect Description of Your Rental Listings

You now have photographs of your rental listing and a platform to use. Your next task is to write a description of the property you’re renting out, a task which is crucial to the success of your listing. Some landlords miss the opportunity to use a great description to boost their property listing, and only because they assume that tenants are more interested in the location, prices, and photos. The reality is that the rental description holds all the power in attracting tenants.

As you begin writing the description, keep in mind that it should complement the photos and other features of your listing. Well-written and compelling content also signals that you’re a knowledgeable and credible landlord, which is a huge selling point. So instead of writing a dull description like, “Three-bedroom apartment with white walls and a balcony,” go for a persuasive tone such as, “Your private three-bedroom sanctuary equipped with a balcony with a view of the city, just fifteen minutes from the subway.” Remember that without an exciting description of your rental, tenants interested in your property will be hard to come by.

There are plenty more ways to improve your rental description, ones that will get the bookings coming. Here are some of the best tips gathered from property management experts across Brooklyn and the rest of the US:

1. Make the first sentence count

You’re only given five seconds to pique someone’s interest, and that is no exaggeration. Backed up by research by marketing and advertising fields alike, it’s integral that your first sentence hooks your intended audience entirely - in this case, potential tenants. Keep them interested enough to learn more and actually go through your listing! A hook sentence will send your notifications ringing every minute!

2. Incorporate the right words

Your listing description should encapture a person’s curiosity and interest quickly, and that goes beyond the first sentence. Your word choice will greatly affect their interest, so make sure that you’ve chosen your words carefully. One wrong move could send the person moving on to another property in a matter of seconds.

The use of the word “you,” for instance, is a common strategy that enables a potential tenant to imagine themselves in your property. The word “ready,” on the other hand, assures people that you have already prepared for their moving day, be it the next day or the following week. “Updated” and “new” are also good words to use, implying that you are taking good care of your property. On the other hand, it’s best to avoid words such as “vintage” and “old” lest potential clients think your rental is damaged or dilapidated.

3. Include attractions, companies, and other landmarks nearby

Incorporating a list of attractions near the area is a good way to sway potential tenants into investing in your property. If your property is in the city, for instance, include the nearest subway station, as this helps them know that your property is in a good location. Remember to include large companies nearby as well, because potential renters may be relocating due to their careers.

4. Try using bulleted lists

Be wary of putting out long blocks of texts that can potentially overwhelm the reader. Instead of writing six long paragraphs, look into reworking one or two into a bulleted list. This helps break up the page, making it easier for the audience to locate the information they’re looking for. When listing attractions, for instance, it’s best to make a bulleted list of locations instead of turning it into an entire paragraph.

5. End with a call to action

This is the prime opportunity to get clients. The last line of your rental description should be an invitation, usually with phrases like, “Message now!” or “Visit this property by calling xxx.” Ending with a call to action not only sways the reader, but it also makes it easier for your potential tenants to reach you, so make sure that your contact information is accurate and up to date.


Make no mistake, rental listings are a ton of work, and each aspect should be regarded with the utmost importance. While generally overlooked, this includes the rental descriptions, arguably the part of the listing that has the most power in attracting potential renters. So spend time writing the listing to perfection!

If you’re looking for property management companies in New York to save you some time and effort, we can help! We can help you get clients in no time—get in touch with us today to ask us how!

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