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Real Estate Mistakes Property Managers Should Avoid Making in NYC - Our Guide

You need an excellent property manager if owning a property in New York City is part of your plan to expand your investment portfolio. Hiring a property manager is one expenditure you can’t afford to get mistakes on. For one, NYC is a prime location. It already has a significant international bias, which means that most of your prospective tenants are of different nationalities. For that reason, you have to make sure that they will be satisfied so that your investment will be successful.

To make that happen, you need to work with a reliable property management company in NYC. Having someone who understands how time plays a vital role in the real estate industry is crucial. This property manager should be able to create a trusting relationship with you and with the tenants so that you will reap the rewards of this enormous investment.

An excellent property manager performs many tasks without a hitch, with the bottom line that your property will not be vacated for a long time, and that it will only attract responsible, long-term tenants. Your property manager’s job is to keep everyone happy. Therefore, mistakes should be avoided to keep your real estate property attractive to its present and future tenants. These mistakes are the following:

Staying traditional

Classic still has its charm, but if a property can’t handle the modernity that the progression of this era demands, it will be left behind. Change is constant. In the real estate industry, this change pertains to the landscape, the 421-a Tax abatement Program, registration timelines, IAI documents, lease renewals, and more.

If you’re a property owner with no knowledge about these things, you can leave it in the capable hands of your diligent property manager. Your NYC property manager can make the necessary preparations as early as now so that your property’s rent or lease terms can be adequately drafted before current laws expire.

Low-cost over quality

When damages that need repairs arise, an excellent property manager shouldn’t compromise quality over low-cost. They should hire service providers that can deliver results and make the lives of the tenants and the property owners easier. Paying for more means that quality and speed can go hand in hand. Hiring the best in the industry will help save more money in the end. Poor service can make matters worse.

Bad organization

Horrible organization over schedules, regulatory events, repairs, and construction is simply a no-go. You must only hire from a property management company known for its well-run system flow. It only means they play your best interest close to their hearts because that is how they earn their keep in the industry. Hiring the best property manager in the real estate world, especially in a prime location, is one of the best investment decisions you will make.

Passing on techie upgrades

If you want to renovate your rental unit, it would be unwise not to improve it without adding technology. To make your property and the lives of its dwellers safer, an excellent property manager would suggest that door locks should be upgraded to digital keys. This techie feature allows the tenants to have virtual access to the property, enter and lock it using their phones, and improve their domestic experience.


Properties in New York City are some of the most coveted properties in the whole world. You hardly need marketing strategies to get your rental property occupied. The challenge lies in how to satisfy tenants and keep them in the property for as long as possible. That said, hiring the best property manager in NYC can make it happen. They’re the best option you have to keep the money flowing.

We are rated as one of the best NYC property management companies, get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

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